StixFresh’s Sticker Aims to Extend the Freshness of Your Fruit

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Every year, up to 50 percent of all food produced worldwide goes to waste. Experienced across the entire supply chain, the negative financial and environmental consequences of these losses are massive. Fruits and vegetables account for the largest portion of wasted food in terms of mass.

Seeking to reduce this food waste that makes up a significant amount of today’s landfills, StixFresh, (, has developed a new, simple way of helping reduce our carbon footprint and foster more responsible stewardship of the immense amount of natural resources required to grow our food. 

StixFresh’s solution? A sticker that can keep fruits fresh for up to two weeks longer. Just apply the sticker to the fruit and let the all-natural compound contained on the sticker create a protective layer around the fruit that will increase its shelf life.

The scientists at StixFresh have used what plants naturally secrete to protect themselves from harmful environmental conditions and applied this formulation to the surface of their stickers. Composed of an all-natural formula of specially sourced beeswax and other natural ingredients, the coating on the stickers has been independently tested and scientifically shown to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

StixFresh Co-Founder and CEO, Moody Soliman, further elaborates on this novel process, stating that, “the repurposed compounds work together to create a protective layer around the fruit, thus naturally slowing down spoilage and over-ripening. By slowing down these processes, we can extend the freshness of many fruits by up to an incredible two weeks. Further independent studies have also shown that fruits treated with the StixFresh sticker show increased sweetness, higher retention of moisture, and sustained cellular structure resulting in increased firmness.”

StixFresh provides a post-harvest solution that is:

  • Simple: StixFresh is minimally invasive with no need to inject or coat the fruit with anything. Easily peel and place StixFresh stickers on apples, pears, avocados, dragon fruits, star fruits, kiwis, mangos, oranges, and other citrus fruits to help keep them firm, sweet and juicy.
  • Effective: Through countless comparative tests, StixFresh has proven to deliver incredible results, extending the shelf-life of fruit for up to two weeks.
  • Safe: Keep your fruit fresh longer without chemicals. StixFresh is made of all-natural ingredients which meet GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) requirements in accordance with the FDA.

StixFresh was recently selected as a finalist for three categories at the 2019 World Food Innovation Awards and took home the award for Best Packaging Technology and Best Sustainability Initiative.

Originally developed by Malaysian inventor, Zhafri Zainudin, StixFresh stickers currently work with apples, pears, avocados, dragon fruits, star fruits, kiwis, mangos, oranges, and other citrus fruits, but the team at StixFresh are actively working on the application of their sticker for additional fruits and vegetables, such as berries, bananas, and tomatoes.

StixFresh has launched an Indiegogo campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about their stickers among consumers and the investment community.

ABOUT StixFresh

StixFresh’s mission is to develop and commercialize groundbreaking and innovative technologies that will significantly reduce food waste via all-natural methods. In addition to fruits and vegetables, they hope to expand to providing food waste reduction solutions across the many food and agricultural industries.