Sun World Unveils “Make it a Grape Two Weeks” Retail Promotion

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. –  Sun World International, LLC announced today that they will launch an in-store and online promotion opportunity called “Make It A Grape Two Weeks”  during peak grape season in the U.S. The two-week campaign aims to support retailers in driving sales of Sun World’s proprietary grapes including ADORA SEEDLESS®, AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS® and SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand grapes.

Sun World’s “Make it a Grape Two Weeks” campaign strategy includes branded in-store and social media support focused on the promotion of Sun World’s grape recipe e-Cookbook and 14 engaging recipe videos to be shared by participating retailers.

“While grape category promotions are normally driven through price, we want to provide our customers another tool to drive sales of proprietary grapes,” says Sun World Vice President of Domestic Sales Jason Fuller. “We believe this campaign will shift the popular perception amongst consumers that grapes are solely a snack item by showcasing grapes in popular everyday dishes. Sun World is a consumer-centric brand and by promoting this content online and in-store, our customers can offer deeper content to push Sun World’s proprietary grapes.”

Sun World strives to be a leader in the grape category and to help their customers grow their grape sales through a season-long supply of proprietary red, green and black seedless grape varieties, compelling promotions and innovative solutions to boost the category.

“Sun World offers a highly trusted brand in grapes,” says Fuller. “We want our customers to have confidence that when they carry Sun World grapes, they are delivering a premium product that provides an exceptional and memorable experience for their shoppers.”


About Sun World International – Sun World International, LLC, first sunk its roots into the produce business in 1976. For over 40 years, the company has connected farms to families around the world through the sweetest, best quality red, black and green seedless proprietary grapes. In addition to a focus on flavor, Sun World is deeply committed to the use of safe, sustainable and fair farming practices – and licenses its proprietary varieties to like-minded growers and marketers in major grape growing regions around the world. Learn more about Sun World’s commitment to Better Farms and Better Flavorat