Sun World’s Export Volume Growth Leads to Increased Sales and Brand Recognition in International Markets

Bakersfield, Calif.– Grape category leader Sun World International has grown their export volume tremendously over the past few years. Growth can be attributed to strong brand presence overseas and strengthened partnerships with receivers.

Specifically, Sun World International has grown their export volume by 40% year over year for the last three years. Strong receiver partnerships have guaranteed movement of record volumes of grapes this season. These receivers’ support of the Sun World brand into key markets has allowed Sun World to strengthen their brand execution in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Korea. This has resulted in stronger consumer recognition of Sun World grapes through both below-the-line marketing in the form of store events, demos and sampling, as well as through social media.

“Despite a difficult grape season, we continue to achieve our strategic export goals,” Sun World Vice President of International Sales and Marketing Julie Escobar said. “Our partnerships with receivers and new customers have helped us achieve record shipping numbers, and retail penetration continues to be strengthened.”

Sun World’s investment in new packing line infrastructure has allowed the company to explore new packaging models that drive sales in Asian markets, as well as combat high labor costs associated with re-packing in-country. The company also will continue to hire new personnel in Asia to account for its growing business abroad. “We expect to see a significant increase in our business, as well as improve our overall supply chain and quality control of our fruit to a much stronger level in 2019,” says Escobar.

Sun World’s proprietary black MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® and green AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes continue to be the most well-received offerings overseas, with AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes specifically achieving phenomenal success in the majority of Asia markets. Sun World will also continue its efforts on positioning black ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes as a late season black variety in 2019.

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