SunFed Hires Laura Reyes As Director Of Food Safety

RIO RICO, AZ – SunFed is pleased to announce the recent addition of Laura Reyes to its team. Laura will be taking on the role of Director of Food Safety to help SunFed and its growing partners adhere to guidelines outlined by the recently implemented Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA).  

“As the landscape in which we operate continues to change, we too must change along with it,” said Matt Mandel, Vice President of Operations. “In order to ensure that SunFed is positioned as the leader in not only quality, but also food safety, I am proud to announce the addition of Laura to our team. While the responsibility of food safety has always lived within SunFed’s DNA, our continual growth and expansion necessitated that the roles and responsibilities be concentrated into a single, highly-qualified and capable individual.”  

Laura most recently worked with PrimusLabs, and is well trained in food safety science and up-to- date with the current and upcoming auditing schemes. Her knowledge also extends from regulations and compliance to on-the- job daily implementation of those same requirements, making her a great asset for SunFed’s food safety culture of vigilance and compliance. 

“Laura brings a wealth of experience including technical expertise in food safety and post-harvest practices. While SunFed has always held itself to an incredibly high standard, as we continue to grow, Laura will be able to help us guide the ship with a broader perspective of the landscape and allow us to be more pro-active to changes in food safety laws and regulations,” Matt continued. 

As Director of Food Safety, Laura will be in charge of working with SunFed’s territory managers in Mexico to monitor the entire supply chain for compliance, best practices, and continuous improvement; training and aiding the food safety specialist at each of the company’s growing/packing locations; and ensuring on- time completion of all auditing operations to maintain valid certifications at all times. 

About SunFed

Headquartered in the high desert of southern Arizona near Nogales, we are a fresh produce company with a passion for providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables, produced by the world’s finest growers. This passion and our commitment to developing FRESH INNOVATIONS have earned us a reputation for providing fruits and vegetables with extended freshness and consistent flavors, textures and colors. We are proud to be an industry leader in food safety, which is a culture ingrained throughout our company and backed up by technology, packaging and processes. We employ a team of food safety specialists who have set the highest standards in the fresh produce industry and then administer internal audits to ensure that we’re meeting or exceeding them.


Source: SunFed