Sunfed Set to Kick Off its Texas Beet Season and Mexican Onion Season

Beets made the 2019 list for Super Foods and that makes SunFed happy!

“We had beets in the ground before the 2019 Super Foods list came out”, said Gretchen K. Austin, “SunFed is always looking to expand our offerings and beets made perfect sense to us this year in Texas. The fact that beets made Super Food stardom is just kismet!”

SunFed will start with Red and Gold Texas beets in early February. Candy Strip beets will be harvested a few weeks later. Depending on movement, we should have beets into May. Our beets are clipped and topped, packed in a 25# poly bag, 50# bags, tote sacks, or 60” bins, for both retail and processor needs.

SunFed is also kicking off its Mexico onion season, shipping out of south Texas from their Weslaco division. “This is our second year with onions, and it looks to be a good year. Onion consumption is up and demand is strong.” The Mexico crop will start crossing into south Texas in early February.

The crop will start with yellow sweet onions in 50# net sacks followed a few weeks later with 50# white onions. The sizing will be traditional Jumbo, Large/Medium, and medium. With the onion market hot, book your orders early.

SunFed’s Texas onion program will follow on the heels of the Mexico program with a little overlap in April. “This is SunFed’s second year selling Texas onions. We will carry a sweet yellow 1015 onion and a red onion.” Plants are healthy and field yield looks good. More updates to come as the Texas crop matures.

About SunFed

Headquartered in the high desert of southern Arizona near Nogales, we are a fresh produce company with a passion for providing the highest quality fruit and vegetables, produced by the world’s finest growers. This passion and our commitment to developing FRESH INNOVATIONS have earned us a reputation for providing fruit and vegetables with extended freshness and consistent flavors, textures and colors. We are proud to be an industry leader in food safety, which is a culture ingrained throughout our company and backed up by technology, packaging and processes. We employ a team of food safety specialists who have set the highest standards in the fresh produce industry and then administer internal audits to ensure that we’re meeting or exceeding them.