Super Starr International Highlights Commitment To Papaya Food Safety Standards

COLIMA, Mexico – Super Starr International, Mexico’s premier papaya grower and shipper, maintains a pristine food safety record and continues to stay ahead of the curve with its state-of-the-art standards. 

For three generations, Super Starr has farmed in the U.S. and Mexico to produce superior year-round papayas and winter honeydew by growing, packing and shipping in-house. Unlike other papaya/honeydew melon suppliers, Super Starr controls the quality of its fruit from planting the initial seed until it’s placed on store shelves. 

“We are proud of the commitment to quality and food safety standards upheld by Super Starr,” said Lance Peterson, president and third generation farmer of Super Starr International. “By owning each part of the supply chain, we have complete control of our safety standards and are in strict compliance to assure our customers receive both safe and excellent tasting fruit.”

Super Starr’s papayas were the first to be approved and placed on the green-list for sale and consumption in a recent food safety outbreak attributed to another supplier/grower.

Super Starr offers retailers and customers year-round Royal Star, Maradol and Hybrid Papayas, as well as seasonal Honeydew melons from December through April.

Attendees of PMA’s Fresh Summit can stop by booth #2248 on October 17-19, 2019, to speak with Lance Peterson and taste the exceptionally sweet Royal Star Papaya. A unique proprietary variety exclusive to Super Starr. For more information on Super Starr International, visit

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About Super Starr International

Super Starr’s commitment to the highest quality, sustainably grown papayas and melons is unique to the papaya category. They are proud to grow the safest papayas and honeydew melons available while adhering to the highest standards in production. Super Starr ships throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan.