Support Pear Promotions in December with Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers Pears

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Retailers will have plenty of opportunity to boost pear categories during the month of December thanks to National Pear Month, which takes place all month long and World Pear Day which is happening on Saturday, December 4th. Stemilt marketing director, Brianna Shales explains that Stemilt’s one-of-kind approach to pears is what differentiates their pears from others, making them stand out at retail resulting in repeat purchases and delighted consumers.

“With multiple pear varieties available, including Bartlett, d’Anjou, Bosc and red d’Anjou, retailers have the opportunity to promote several times throughout the month of December and can use our unique story and resources to support sales,” explains Shales.

The Rushing Rivers® pear story starts by growing in the best pear locales in the world, the Wenatchee and Entiat river valleys. These neighboring valleys are surrounded by alpine peaks from the Cascade Mountain range, which allows cool air flow and helps pears stay cool during the warm summer months. During harvest, pears are exposed to lots of sunshine which contribute to great color, while still nestled into a microclimate ideal for growing pears.

“The valleys are very unique making it a fun story to share with consumers,” explains Shales. “Our multi-generation pear farmers also know exactly what pears need to thrive and their experience also makes the difference. They know when to harvest and what to look for, and because of this knowledge, pears come off the tree with great quality and flavor.”

Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® pears also go through a unique ripening program after they are packed to ensure they arrive with dessert-quality eating conditions. From cooling tunnels to unique packing matrixes, Stemilt’s pear teams take the right steps in producing high quality pears.

“Our teams work diligently with each variety to ensure the necessary steps are taken when it comes to ripening pears,” explains Shales. “We utilize our RipeRite™ ready to eat pear ripening protocol and Thermal Tech ripening rooms to deliver a great eating experience all throughout the season.”

There are multiple promotional opportunities retailers can utilize during the month of December including, National Pear Month, World Pear Day and Christmas. Retailers should utilize high traffic areas to build displays that highlight multiple varieties for a multi-variety pear display. Retailers can also use the month of December to educate consumers through POS signage on different pear varieties that highlight their characteristics and usage.

“When the holidays roll around, consumers often stick to varieties they know which is an excellent opportunity for retailers to educate and encourage consumers to expand their pear horizons,” explains Shales. “Retailers can start their efforts out early in the month with prominent displays featuring both bag and bulk items. Then, they can call even more attention to the category with the help of World Pear Day on Saturday, December 4th.”

World Pear Day can help retailers bring strong promotional opportunities to their stores by utilizing online shopping platforms and store-level social media platforms to encourage consumers to celebrate the holiday by purchasing pears for snacking, baking, cooking and more. Stemilt will also be supporting pear movement through geo-targeted social ads to celebrate pears during this peak time.

“Pears are bought on impulse and a key part of the charcuterie trend so celebrating them during the holiday season is a great way to elevate consumer purchase of pears,” states Shales. “We have ads that will circulate in key market areas to ensure awareness continues to build as we move through the month.”

After World Pear Day, retailers should continue the hype through the New Year, so that pears stay fresh on the consumer’s mind.

“The month of December is such a great chance for retailers to make an impression because of the timing and how it aligns with seasonality,” explains Shales. “Consumers are in the kitchen baking and cooking this time of year, making it an excellent time for retailers to create awareness and encourage lots of Rushing Rivers® pear purchases.”


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