Tangelo Reimagines Food System to Address Nutrition Insecurity

Tangelo, a platform as a service (PAAS) company and consumer facing mobile application is focused on improving nutrition education, affordability, and access to healthy, locally-sourced food for nutrition insecure consumers.

Food insecurity has risen to its highest level ever in the U.S., with one in eight Americans — 42 million people — reporting some level of food insecurity. Our nation currently relies on a broken system of food banks and government funded programs to meet emergency feeding needs. Tangelo’s platform addresses those same needs with a comprehensive approach to health, wellness and longevity through proper nutrition, offering a sustainable solution to nutrition insecurity. 

“During the United Fresh Washington Conference last week, we were able to introduce our solution to the fresh produce industry,” said Tangelo’s founder Jeremy Cooley. “We will continue to collaborate with produce leaders to ensure our platform is delivering quality fruits and vegetables to consumers, meeting their nutritional needs.” 

Underserved communities, communities of color and those stricken with diet related chronic illness need access to affordable nutrition education, and to fresh, locally-sourced food. Tangelo’s consumer facing mobile application and proprietary digital wallet allows public and private funders to come together in support of those in need, increasing accessibility and opportunity.

Tangelo is the creation of CEO, Jeremy Cooley, who was driven to create a company in honor of his late father Greg Cooley, after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. Jeremy looked to food and nutritional education as a means to extend his father’s life and saw firsthand how food can be used as medicine. Upon his father’s passing almost two years after his diagnosis, Jeremy found his mission in life and Tangelo was born.

Tangelo will impact consumer’s relationship to fresh produce, as they better understand the nutritional needs of their own bodies, by providing access to the food that will directly meet their health needs. 

For more information and to join Tangelo’s produce industry coalition, visit www.jointangelo.com or email Christopher Woods at chris.woods@jointangelo.com


About Tangelo

Tangelo is a proven, turnkey technology platform that increases access to nutritious foods by designing, administering, and evaluating nutrition programs that deliver public and private funds to underserved communities efficiently at scale. Focused on improving the affordability and accessibility of healthy, locally-sourced foods today, Tangelo helps sustainably reduce food insecurity, lower health care costs, and increase economic mobility tomorrow. Tangelo’s platform, app, and digital wallet have been used by large public sector entities, hospital systems, and non-profits to support and strengthen communities across the country.