Tasteful Selections promotes wellness with new, yearlong Small-Bite Campaign

Arvin, Calif. — Great things can come in small bites, which is why Tasteful Selections®, in partnership with RPE Inc., is launching their Small-Bite Campaign. Following the comprehensive rebrand of their full line of bite-size potatoes, Tasteful Selections is thinking small but going big.

Over the course of the next 12 months, follow Tasteful Selections and all the small-bite inspiration! Providing you with fuel, Tasteful Selections will provide recipes, tips, and prizes for a successful 2019.

“Our small, bite-size potatoes offer endless opportunities for the at home cook,” said RPE President Russell Wysocki. “Ready to inspire or compliment your mealtime creations, Tasteful Selections potatoes continually deliver great taste in a small bite.”

With wellness in mind, Tasteful Selections launches the first of six themes in the Small-Bite Campaign. “Wellness in a small bite.” This theme will provide consumers with the inspiration (and prizes) to help eat and be well. Prizes include a Fitbit® – Flex, yoga mat, gym bag, water bottle, free potatoes and more!

“Providing a nutritional treat with consistent cook times and great flavor, Tasteful Selections potatoes are the perfect addition to the diets of those wanting to be well in the New Year,” said RPE Marketing Director Tim Huffcutt. “We are excited to offer wellness prizes and fresh recipes to help our consumers have a prosperous 2019.”

To help you eat and be well, enter to win the Tasteful Selections wellness package! To see how to enter, visitwww.tastefulselections.com/wellness-in-a-small-bite/.

About Tasteful Selections

Tasteful Selections, LLC is a vertically integrated family-owned collection of farms— pioneering and leading the bite-size potato category. To ensure their high standards of quality, flavor and freshness, Tasteful Selections owns and operates the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting and packaging. Field to fork fresh in every bite.

About RPE

Category leader RPE is a grower/shipper of year-round potatoes and onions, providing category innovation and retail solutions as the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Tasteful Selections and its best-quality, bite-size potatoes.