Tasti-Lee Bags and Tasti-Wee’s Snacking Tomatoes Debut

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – America’s #1 branded field grown round tomato is now available in grab-and-go packaging and an all-new snackable size that offers consumers convenience, value and premium flavor. Tasti-Lee® tomatoes by Flavorful Brands, LLC (www.flavorfulbrands.com) begin with superior seeds that produce a consistent, home-grown flavor with an unmatched shelf-life. Consistently delivering great flavor, excellent slicing ability and outstanding shelf life against commodity field tomatoes, Flavorful Brands delivers the authentic farm-to-table taste shoppers ask for by name in value-packaged options.

Known for their deep red color and long-lasting, garden-grown flavor, Tasti-Lee® slicing and salad tomatoes are now offered in a convenient, pre-packaged 1.25 pound bag. The Tasti-Lee brand is now easier to find at shelf and consumers can examine each tomato before making their purchase.. The new bags are available for both conventional and organic varieties.  Trending up, conventional Tasti-Lee is still the best selling field round tomato in America and organic Tasti-Lee® tomatoes account for almost one in every three organic tomatoes sold in the US.  These Tasti-Lee tomatoes offer the unrivaled taste and quality that savvy shoppers have come to expect.

That great Tasti-Lee flavor is now also available in a grape snacking version, appropriately named Tasti-Wee’s®.  Nurtured and hand-harvested just the way Mother Nature intended, Tasti-Wee’s® have the many of the same features as Tasti-Lee, including that great Tasti-Lee flavor, the rich, red color, the high lycopene and the excellent shelf life.  Now that great, authentic, tomato flavor of Tasti-Lee® tomatoes is available in a snack size. With a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavor and a delectable, freshly-picked firmness, versatile Tasti-Wee’s add color and health-boosting antioxidants to salads, pizzas, snack plates, or everyday dishes. Both Tasti-Wees and Tasti- Lee’s in the new, convenient bags will be available in early 2019 at retailers across the U.S.

At Tasti-Lee® tomatoes, it all starts with the seed. Verified non-GMO and filled with 50% more Lycopene antioxidant power than other tomatoes, Tasti-Lee’s are bursting with garden-fresh flavor that stands up to all-day slicing and snacking, with a gorgeous, deep red color inside and out. Learn more about ready-to-eat Tasti-Wee’s and premium Tasti-Lee tomatoes, now in a convenient 1.25 pound bag.

About Flavorful Brands, LLC.

“Inspiring People to Eat Better Every Day,” Flavorful Brands, LLC. is a newly founded partnership of LHF, LLC., Marrero Ventures, LLC. and Bejo Seeds, Inc. Its subsidiary, Tasti-Lee Tomatoes, has an established brand of popular round tomatoes well-known for their year-round quality and a perfectly balanced firmness, juiciness and seed content. Flavorful Brands is piloting numerous specialty produce lines that will harness the established network of growers and distributors of Tasti-Lee. Flavorful Brands is completely aligned from seed production to its network of farmers and distributors to guarantee unrivaled flavor and quality, meeting the demands of knowledgeable consumers who expect peak freshness, flavor and complete nutritional content in their vegetables.