Terra Exports Launches its Own Label of Avocados Called ‘Avolicious’ and Customers are Talking About its Vibrant Packaging

LAS VEGAS –  Terra Exports, an innovative global fresh fruit company, is making an impact in the Avocado sector by launching its own, in-house brand of avocados called Avolicious.

The private label launched one month ago and has been well received by customers. Avolicious is already being shipped globally, currently to Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the majority across the U.S. One aspect of the brand that customers have enjoyed most is its vibrant purple packaging—a non-traditional choice in the sector.

When asked how the brand was started, Terra Exports CEO, Nils Goldschmidt, shared that the entire idea came out of a team meeting. Nils encouraged the team to be as creative as they wanted and come up with an idea for the company to bring to fruition. Terra Exports team came up with the brand name, vibrant colors for packaging, and the overall design.

“This is a huge step for our entire team with many years in the making. I’m beyond proud of everyone at Terra Exports for this achievement,” Goldschmidt shared. Customers in the fresh produce industry are looking for a quality product. Avolicious allows Terra Exports to go above and beyond to meet customer expectations by setting and maintaining high-quality standards and providing customers with the fresh produce they demand at a

competitive price.

Kevin Thron, Sourcing and Procurement Manager at Terra Exports, is overseeing the Avolicious label and growth strategy. Thron shared, “Customers have shared that it’s a fun and lively box that is easy to spot and easy to love—a high-quality product at a competitive price.” If you want to learn more about Avolicious email sales@terraexports.com.


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