TerraFresh Organics Now Offering New Oasis Date Gardens Brand

MILL VALLEY, CALIF.  TerraFresh Organics (TFO), an organic fruit company supplying organic citrus, mangoes, stone fruit and grapes to North America, is now offering Oasis Date Gardens, to bring snack packs and resealable stand-up pouches of Deglet Noor dates to the marketplace for retail customers. 

The organic, pitted Deglet Noor dates come in ready-to-eat pack sizes. The line includes a new snack pack option with eight individual 1.16 oz packs inside a master bag that allows the nutritious snack to be consumed on-the-go. The line also includes an 8 ounce and 32 ounce family-style resealable stand-up pouches. 

“We’re thrilled to bring the California organic heirloom Deglet Noor date to customers through this new Oasis Date Gardens brand,” said Greg Holzman, co-founder and managing partner of TerraFresh Organics. “We believe that ‘on-the-go’ shouldn’t mean ‘going without,’ therefore, the new snack pack sizes are perfect for a healthy and convenient snack.” 

These Deglet dates are pitted and easy-to-eat for an on-the-go snack with less than 100 calories per serving. The dates are grown, harvested, packed and shipped from the southeastern region of Southern California.  

If you are interested in learning more about TerraFresh Organics, Oasis Date Gardens or contacting a salesperson, email sales@terrafreshorganics.com or call 415-547-8300. 

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TerraFresh Organics, an organic fruit company, sourcing primarily from the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, brings an ever-growing supply of organic produce, with a focus on citrus, mangoes, stone fruit and grapes to North America. Headquartered in Mill Valley, the company is partnered with Harbinger Group, which also oversees Misionero and Vertical Foods.