The “Champignon D’hiver” Mushroom is Coming to Your IGA Supermarket Just in Time tor the BBQ Season

BROSSARD, QC – Winter Farm, a Quebec start-up company specializing in agrotech, is pleased to announce that its latest product – the Champignon d’hiver mushroom – is now available in most IGA supermarkets and Rachelle-Béry stores across Quebec. This premium quality grey oyster mushroom will be the perfect accompaniment for your summer meals! It will also have the extra panache of being one of the few locally grown fresh gourmet mushrooms offerings on the market. Winter Farm is excited to give Quebec consumers an opportunity to discover the “Champignon d’hiver” as it diversifies its product offering on store shelves.

An overview of the “Champignon d’hiver “(grey oyster mushroom):

  • The grey oyster is a versatile and easy-to-prepare mushroom. It has a delicate taste with a hint of hazelnut.
  • Due to its spongy nature, it absorbs flavors during cooking and develops a very pleasing tender texture.
  • This premium quality mushroom brings refinement to any of your favorite dishes: pizzas, burgers, omelets, salads, pasta, Italian and French meat dishes, soups etc.  
  • The “Champignon d’hiver” is locally grown in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, in the Montérégie, by Amelium Farms, a partner-operator of Winter Farm.
  • The mushroom is grown in a 100% controlled environment, without any chemical pesticides.
  • Unlike the other Winter Farm product, the Winter Strawberry, the “Champignon d’hiver” is available all year long.
  • The mushrooms are exclusively available through the IGA banner, in-store and online at a price of $8.99 per 170 g container.