The Conversation Continues – “Where in the World is My Container?”

We checked in with Tim Clarke, President of Vanguard International USA, to see where the industry is with ongoing supply chain challenges. “We deal with logistics issues every hour of every day in every single trade lane,” shares Tim.  “The view from my home office gives me a front row seat of the problems plaguing our ports as I look out over the Port of Seattle.” 

“The biggest difference now versus say six to eight months ago is that now some carriers have opted to not call on certain ports. For example, our Latin American team cannot get a carrier to route through the Port of Seattle, so instead we are having to truck down product to a port in Southern California that ships to the Dominican Republic, adding on upwards of $5-7 extra fees per box. Who is going to pay for that? The customer doesn’t want to and the growers is already making major concessions. It is incredibly tricky”. 

Tim shared a few more recent examples of logistical troubleshooting their team has undertaken because of the clogged supply chain.  

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