The European Sprouted Seeds Association Celebrates the UN’s International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

At the end of 2020 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021 (IYFV) was launched. The European Sprouted Seeds Association celebrates the UN’s IYFV by inviting the sector to raise consumer awareness about the nutritional benefits of consuming sprouted seeds, including sprouts, cresses and shoots. 2021 is set to be an exceptional year for the sprouted seeds sector, as well as for the entire fruit and vegetables community in general, for consumption promotion.

As designated by the UN General Assembly, 2021 is the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. While the EU consumption of the entire commodity of fruit and vegetables continues to remain below the WHO recommended daily minimum intake of 400g, the year IYFV 2021 is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the health benefits of sprouted seeds towards the consumers across Europe and globally. 

Sprouted seeds contribute to the role of fresh produce as a cornerstone of a healthy and varied diet. While the nutritional content of sprouted seeds varies depending on the species, as a general rule sprouted seeds contain notable amount of vitamins, proteins, fibres and minerals, which are essential for good health and well-being.    

The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables is directly linked to the 2030 Agenda, and in particular to the Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2 (ending hunger, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture), SDG 3 (ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being), and SDG 12 (ensuring sustainable consumption and production patters). Commenting on the sector’s involvement in IYFV activities ESSA Secretary General Eglė Baecke affirmed that, “The European professional sprouted seeds sector is a highly regulated sector with specific Regulations in place in order to guarantee that European consumers are provided with safe and high quality produce. The Association will support the IYFV 2021 by further working on safety and quality standards to better support the sector in EU policy-making. ESSA also invites the sector to enthusiastically engage in the promotion of sprouted seeds by highlighting their nutritional benefits and communicate on sustainable and good production practices throughout the entire year of 2021”.

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European Sprouted Seeds Association (ESSA) represents interests of the sprouted seeds supply chain in Europe and beyond. ESSA currently has 50 members, including both producers of sprouted seeds, traders of seeds for the production of sprouted seeds and service providers. For more information, contact the association at or visit the association website