The Long-Awaited Pristine Season is Back

DELANO, CA. — The world-renowned Pristine™ grape has hit shelves once again. Pristine™ grapes have a crisp, snappy texture that is coupled with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty Granny Smith apple finish. The high-flavor grape is a proprietary variety of Blanc Vineyards, a joint venture company between Four Star Fruit Inc., and Delano Farms.

“The team and I look forward to Pristine™ season each year,” said Jack Campbell, long-term table grape grower/shipper. “Grown in the peak warm summer months of California, the climate brings all the flavor and sweetness to Pristine™ that consumers love.”

Pristine™ is a high-quality, high-flavor grape that appeals to multiple generations of grape consumers. The crisp and juicy nodes of the grape are grown to retain firmness and taste, well after harvest. This season, Pristine™ will be available in a traditional pouch bag and packed in multiple weight clamshells, allowing options for retailers.

Pristine™ ships to not only retailers across the United States but is also exported to countries throughout the world. Consumers far and wide relish and look forward to the Pristine™ grape season each year.

Pristine™ grapes are available now – December.

About Four Star Fruit, Inc.

Four Star Fruit, Inc. has been in table grape production since 1987, family-owned and operated for three generations by the Campbell family. Our fields are located throughout the San Joaquin and Coachella Valleys, as well as Mexico. Four Star Fruit, Inc. provides several grape varieties, including our trademarked Pristine®. Four Star caters to all customers, offering both conventional and organic table grapes.

About Delano Farms

Delano Farms Company was established in 1991. Based in Delano, CA, in the world’s most productive growing region, California’s lush San Joaquin Valley, we are in the heart of agriculture country so we can keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry and the market by the minute. Delano Farms Company farms thousands of acres of grapes annually, all the while carefully ensuring the quality of each bunch from planting to harvest, packing to shipping. Producing the best table grape out there is our goal.