The Original Dark Leafy Greens in a Bag, Cut ‘N Clean Greens, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Oxnard, CA – San Miguel Produce, Inc.’s cornerstone brand, Cut ‘N Clean Greens, celebrates 25 years of innovating the dark leafy greens category. 

In 1995, Roy Nishimori, San Miguel Produce, Inc. President and CEO, launched Cut ‘N Clean Greens as the first washed and ready to use line of cooking greens in a bag. After speaking with consumers through phone surveys and at regional events, Nishimori saw a need for a value-added bagged greens program to provide the Southern consumer with a convenient option for their favorite dark leafy greens- collard, mustard and turnip greens.

What started as a DSD program with local retailers in Los Angeles County, has now grown to distribution across North America. While traditional comfort greens remain at the brand’s core, specialty greens like Tuscan kale and chard continue to grow in popularity.  

With a vision for providing consumers with convenient, nutrient-dense options, Cut ‘N Clean Greens continues to innovate the leafy greens category; most recently launching their fresh line of Kale Chip Kits that includes specialty cut kale for cooking and trending seasoning flavors. 

“As I look back at our first 25 years, I am proud of our innovation and continued growth in the category,” says Roy Nishimori, President and CEO of San Miguel Produce. “At our core is our family of employees, and without them and our retail partners this milestone would not be possible. We look forward to continuing to bring quality, nutrient dense greens to families across the country and are excited for what the next 25 years brings.”  

Cut ‘N Clean Greens will continue to promote their #HealthyMyWay initiative, which encourages consumers to use greens in any way that fits their lifestyle. Healthy and fun recipes will be developed throughout the year and will be shared on their website and social media platforms. The company will put special focus on the upcoming holiday season where greens are traditionally used in many dishes. 

“For 25 years the company has looked forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season where greens are the focus of many dishes. While celebrations might look a little different this year, greens will remain a staple in kitchens across the country,” says Jan Berk, COO of San Miguel Produce. “Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for safe and immunity boosting foods to keep them healthy as they navigate through the pandemic. With packaged, nutrient dense greens that maintain a longer shelf life and can be used in a variety of hot and cold cooking applications, our customers and consumers can rely on Cut ‘N Clean Greens for all their menu needs.”

About San Miguel Produce

San Miguel Produce, Inc. is dedicated to delivering fresh, naturally nutritious dark leafy greens to kitchens across North America. Owned and operated by the Nishimori Family, San Miguel Produce’s fresh cut processing facility in Oxnard, CA produces a wide range of nutrient dense greens for every lifestyle. In 1995, their cornerstone brand, Cut ‘N Clean Greens, was launched as the first washed and ready to use cooking greens in a bag. Since then they have continued to innovate in the dark leafy greens category with Jade Asian Greens, a value added line of Chinese vegetables, and new blends and varieties. For more information visit