These New Jersey Farmers Grow Strawberries That Sell Out for $20 a Box: the Taste is ‘a Completely Different Experience’

Oishii doesn’t grow your typical strawberries. For starters, a box of six extra-large berries used to sell for $50 at Whole Foods.

The New Jersey-based company’s berries don’t taste like your typical strawberries, either: They’re sweeter, with a denser, juicier center. The flavor, aroma and “buttery texture” are engineered in three vertical farms: two in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles.

″[The strawberries] average somewhere between two to three times more in sweetness level, compared to what’s conventionally grown in the U.S.,” Oishii co-founder and CEO Hiroki Koga tells CNBC Make It. “Once you taste our berries, it’s simply a completely different experience.”

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