Tony’s Fresh Market Introduces New Farm-Sourced Watermelon Juice & Fresh Fruit Agua Frescas by Frey Farms, Illinois Based Grower

[Chicago, IL] Tony’s Fresh Market is excited to offer two new beverage lines that use sustainably grown, fresh fruits from Frey Farms – a woman-owned business based out of southern Illinois. The perfect drinks to share with friends and family this Labor Day weekend. “The majority of our premium beverages are in the produce section, and we really like that Frey’s products started with a mission to end food waste by juicing the “ugly fruit” on their farms. It’s a bonus that we’re supporting another family owned and operated business. We are confident that Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Frescas and Tsamma (sah-mah) Watermelon Juice will quickly become family favorites.”

Frey Farms Founder & CEO, Sarah Frey, started the beverage business with Tsamma Watermelon Juice, to support their mission to reduce food waste by using all that they grow. Each bottle of Tsamma is packed with one and a half pounds of watermelon and made from watermelons that are harvested and juiced directly on the farm. Tsamma is an excellent source of natural hydration and provides daily nutrients. Sarah’s Homegrown agua frescas are made with farm fresh, peak flavor fruit and all-natural, high-quality ingredients.

“I recognized the need for a fun, innovative product in the fresh beverage industry that was both all-natural and tasted amazing while using the produce that we already grow. We’re excited to partner with Tony’s, who’s also an Illinois based family business,” said Sarah Frey, Founder & CEO of Frey Farms. “Both Tsamma and Sarah’s Homegrown are beverage brands that I am proud to share with my family and yours.”

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About Frey Farms

Frey Farms is a Certified Woman-Owned Business founded by Sarah Frey in 1992. Today, Headquartered in Keenes, Ill, Sarah, and her four older brothers operate farms and facilities in seven states. Frey Farms distributes its fruits and vegetables throughout the country through its Sarah’s Homegrown label. They also feature a complete line of juices through Sarah’s Homegrown Tsamma Watermelon Juice. For more information, visit Connect with Sarah on Instagram @sarahfrey