Tozer Showcases Innovative Varieties at Summer Seed Trials

Santa Maria, CA. — Tozer, an independent vegetable breeding company, is committed to continuous innovation. Although the company’s primary focus is celery, parsnips, leeks, arugula and kale, they have created an extensive line of world-class vegetable varieties.

In order to develop a selection of seeds that thrive in diverse climate conditions, their breeding program is based in select locations around the globe. Tozer’s methodical team of plant breeders combines creativity, genetics, and intuition to develop exceptional vegetable seed varieties. Once the seeds have been perfected, Tozer selects exclusive varieties to showcase at annual trials. 

The company’s improved varieties will be featured on August 23rd and 24that the upcoming trial hosted in Hall, New York.

“These trials provide an excellent opportunity for growers to compare the attributes of our innovative product line up, which includes an assortment of popular vegetable varieties including leeks, salad onions, kale, arugula and peppers,” said Anthony Stevenson, Area Sales Representative for Tozer. “Our team aims to help customers select improved seed varieties that align with their needs.”

To ensure Tozer’s customers receive the highest quality seed, members of their dedicated team continuously travel to distinctive climates to conduct trials and monitor the success of each crop.

Tozer is passionate about world-class plant breeding; this has led them to continually work to develop unique varieties that are not only suitable for changing climate conditions, but also align with the needs of the evolving market demand.

For event information and to schedule an appointment please contact Anthony Stevenson at For more information about Tozer, visit their website


About Tozer

Tozer is the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding company in the U.K. specializing in breeding, production and distribution of quality vegetable seed. Today, Tozer has established branches in Holland, Spain, and the United States. As Tozer continues to grow, the three fundamentals remain constant: our people, our plant breeding, and our seeds.