Turning Green to “Green” with Granny Smith Apples

Yakima, WA – Bring on festive green displays for Saint Patrick’s Day with Granny Smith apples! Granny Smith add the pop of bright green to produce displays that will catch your customer’s eye. Available in both organic and conventional, add Granny Smith bulk apples or bags to front-of-store displays for a seasonal push.

Granny Smith apple dollars are up 2.6%, moving them up the tier into third place in the apple category (IRI data, last 4 weeks, 12/30/18). “Granny Smith has been steadily holding fourth place for the past few years. As retailers focus more on core varieties, it has begun to rise to third place. With Granny Smith trending, use the bright green of the apples to convert to ‘green’ at the cash register, “explains Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager.

Granny Smith is one of America’s favorite apples, as it is the most talked about apple in the digital media. Nothing compares to the bright green tart variety that is classically known for American apple pie, but is also great eating out-of-hand. Granny Smith apple is most popular within Millennial and Hispanic communities, who both trend to tarter-spectrum of apples. They are also ideal for juicing. Granny Smith resonate well across all demographics and households, and are produce staple.

Creating large bulk displays draw attention to the bright green, festive color of Granny Smith apples. Attract shoppers to St. Patrick’s Day promotions by placing them near the cash register and front of store.

The Superfresh Growers® marketing team has created a digital content kit with recipes, photos, social media graphics, and other fun ways to engage with consumers. This year, the recipe for Granny Smith Apple “Cookies,” has been added, a festive and easy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. To receive your copy, reach out to your Superfresh Growers representative, or email info@superfreshgrowers.com.

Whether bag, bulk, organic, or conventional, Superfresh Growers has multiple Granny Smith options for your seasonal promotions. Reach out to your Superfresh Growers sales representative to set Granny Smith apples ads for the upcoming season.