Veg-Fresh Farms Announces Exclusive Partnership With Doc’s Organics

CORONA, CA – Veg-Fresh Farms is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with Doc’s Organics, which operates out of Imperial County, CA. This exclusive partnership between two family-owned businesses that share similar values and a passion for produce will allow Veg-Fresh to provide their customers with high-quality organic citrus. Doc’s currently has 700 acres of organic citrus that includes lemons, grapefruits, minneolas and limes.

[Image: Jacob Gracia and Jose Valdivia with Veg-Fresh Farms]

“As a result of this exclusive partnership, we have added Jose Valdivia to Veg-Fresh as the key team member to work directly with Doc’s Organics, as he has worked closely with Doc’s for many years” says Jacob Gracia, Director of Citrus at Veg-Fresh Farms. Jose has been in the citrus industry for over 20 years working out of the San Diego County area with organic lemons, oranges and grapefruit.

With Doc’s Organics being family-owned, you can find the Dockstader’s (Pat, Dusty and Gina) working closely and passionately on the 29-acre, state-of-the-art packing facility in Brawley, CA. The packing facility that was built in 2017 includes five buildings for a combined square footage of 40,000. 

“Our facility uses some of the most modern methods of washing, sorting, sizing and packaging so that we can provide customers with our key values – organic integrity and consistent quality of products,” stated Gina Dockstader from Doc’s Organics.

About Veg-Fresh Farms

Veg-Fresh Farms is a third-generation, family-run agribusiness, currently providing fresh produce to national food service chains and national retailers under the Veg-Fresh Farms, Crystal Cove Berry Farms, and Good Life Organic™ labels.

[Featured Image: Pat Dockstader (Owner at Doc’s Organics), Gina Dockstader (Owner at Doc’s Organics) and Dusty Dockstader (Owner at Doc’s Organics) ]

[Image: Jacob Gracia and Jose Valdivia with Veg-Fresh Farms]