Veg-Fresh Farms Partners With Redlands Foothill Groves

CORONA, CA  – Veg-Fresh Farms is proud to announce their strategic partnership with iconic local citrus grower/packer, Redlands Foothill Groves.

With this new partnership, Veg-Fresh Farms and Redlands Foothill, who begin their 96th season, will combine efforts to provide their customer base with opportunities to sample and enjoy the quality of citrus fruit that comes from the Inland Empire region.

“The partnership with Redlands Foothill Groves fits perfectly with Veg-Fresh Farms family of grower partners who exhibit and share our commitment to quality, integrity and the customer experience” said Dino Cancellieri Jr, managing partner at Veg-Fresh. “In addition, being located just 30 miles from our Corona facility, it provides our customers the logistic advantage that we have found so valuable being located in the Inland Empire.”

Redlands Foothill Groves is the only citrus packing house that still operates to this day within San Bernardino County.

“Redlands Foothill Groves, which is owned by a cooperative of over 80 local growers, is the only packing house in the city of Redlands (previously there were as many as 26 packing sheds) packing primarily Washington variety navel oranges, Valencia oranges, grapefruit and lemons” states Manuel Martinez, who started as a part-time employee at the packing house 45 years ago, and has been the General Manager and significant grower member at Redlands Foothill Groves for more than 20 years.  

“Working with one of the most storied packing houses in the local region to expand retail and foodservice opportunities and being able to provide a consistent and year-round program to our customers are just some of the many benefits of this partnership” said Jacob Gracia, Director of Citrus at Veg-Fresh Farms “and we couldn’t be more delighted to be working closely with Redlands Foothill. They have continued to invest in state-of-the art technologies to grade fruit and ensure that they pack the best quality for our customers.” 

Hugo Barajas, Director of Citrus Farming Relations states, “the Redlands Foothill partnership adds a major piece to our overall conventional citrus program. Having had a long-standing relationship with Manuel and the Redlands family of growers, I couldn’t be more excited about what we can accomplish for our customers, and how we can continue the legacy of the Southern California citrus grower.”

About Veg-Fresh Farms

Veg-Fresh Farms is a third-generation, family-run agribusiness, currently providing fresh produce to national food service chains and national retailers under the Veg-Fresh Farms, Crystal Cove Berry Farms, and Good Life Organic™ labels.