Vertical Farming is the New Frontier in Delivering Freshness With Sustainability

GUELPH, ON – GoodLeaf Farms is revolutionizing farming in Canada. A state-of-the-art, fully automated 45,000 sq. ft. vertical farm is now operational in Guelph, ON., promising Ontarians a safe and steady supply of local, pesticide-free greens year-round.

“Canadians are demanding better, safer, healthier food and are getting behind their local farmers,” says Juanita Moore, Executive Director of Operations. “We know GoodLeaf’s greens represent a bright light in a mostly imported produce aisle because Ontarians want fresh, tasty, local greens grown responsibly.”

In addition to efficient land use, GoodLeaf employs numerous sustainable farming practices (e.g., cleaning and reusing about 95% of water; recycling the plant growing medium for second-life use in landscaping). “Our mission at GoodLeaf is to have a positive effect on the environment and human health,” Ms. Moore says.

With food safety and security concerns at the forefront, effects of climate change stressing supply chains, and increasingly popular plant-based diets further promoted through Canada’s Food Guide, vertical farming brings Canadians a local source of safe and reliable leafy greens.

Vertical farming is a method where growing levels are stacked in layers.  Temperature and humidity conditions are controlled, and light provided by high-efficiency LEDs.  Irrigation systems deliver water and nutrients as needed for optimal growth. Continuous grow cycles combined with a controlled environment allow for systematic testing and learning for rapid improvement in nutrient density, flavor, and other key attributes.

Growing UP: Beyond Organic

According to Jeff Huber, GoodLeaf’s Master Grower and Visiting Researcher at University of Guelph, “Unlike organics farming, which allow organic and some synthetic pesticides, our design considerations and our attention to strict bio-security protocols allow for a pest-free environment eliminating the need for pesticides.  We feed our plants the precise nutrients and optimal light to grow the most nutritious and delicious greens.  Our QA Department’s robust Positive Release Program tests samples of our greens ensuring they’re safe to eat prior to release to our customers.  In fact, with GoodLeaf’s automated process the first person to touch a leaf is the consumer upon opening the package.  We’re truly passionate about safety, quality, and giving Ontario families local greens they can enjoy year-round.” 

About GoodLeaf

GoodLeaf’s vision is to enable every community to grow the world’s healthiest food locally and sustainably. 

With passion for delicious, nutrient-rich greens, GoodLeaf was founded in 2011 in Halifax, Canada.  GoodLeaf uses innovative technologies leveraging multi-level vertical farming to create a controlled and efficient indoor farm, which grows fresh produce anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.  The system combines innovations in LED lighting with leading edge hydroponic techniques to produce sustainable, safe, pesticide free, nutrient-dense leafy greens. GoodLeaf has ongoing R&D programs in collaboration with the University of Guelph, Dalhousie University, and Acadia University.

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