VIDEO: Dark Side Equipment & ASTRA Inc. to Unveil Automated Peeler at IFPA Global Show in Orlando

Dark Side Equipment a leader in peeling and processing equipment is pleased to announce our NEWEST model to the ASTRA Inc platform the KA751PM automated peeler, affectionately known as the “Pineapplator”. We are excited to show case this amazing machine and others at the upcoming IFPA Global Produce & Floral show in Orlando FL in October (ASTRA Inc-Booth 705 Hall-2).

Dark Side Equipment is the North & South American distributor for ASTRA Inc, a premier Japanese equipment manufacturer with over 3 decades of proven performance. Their machines offer a first-class chef quality finish peeled product to over 24 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Everything from apples and oranges to kiwi, peaches, tomatoes, onions, beets, mangos, pineapples, melons and more! The compact design of the machines allows them to fit into any restaurant kitchen, grocery store prep area or food production line with ease with no costly remodels or renovations needed. These pieces of equipment are built to optimize labor, increase productivity and increase product yields – ultimately driving bottom line profits!

Director of Business Development at DSE Maxwell Krieger says, “No matter where you are located, you are likely feeling the tight labor market. Skilled & unskilled workers are in short supply and when you do find them the labor cost is at a premium. The most efficient way to combat this is to look towards automation and optimizing the productivity of the staff you currently have. We can help peel some of those costs away!”

Dark Side Equipment was established in 2020 prior to the COVID pandemic with a focus on peeling and processing equipment for the restaurant and food production industry. There seemed to be a gap in the market between large scale production peeling equipment that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and unreliable noncommercial units that are manually operated. Dark Side Equipment entered the market offering equipment and solutions for operations that found themselves looking for ways to increase production ability without breaking budgets.  We represent several international brands with the niche focus on peeling and processing including Mossur Machine (Butternut Squash), NILMA (Onions & Garlic), Kronen (Apples), Mr.Peely (Carrots & Cucumbers) & Robot Coupe.

Dark Side Equipment is in Denver Colorado and covers North & South American sales.  

Please contact Director of Business Development Maxwell Krieger for purchasing or questions.

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