Vision Produce Company Now Offering Ripe and Ready Mangoes

Los Angeles Ca. – Per Jesse Sepulveda,  Mango Category Manager,  “we are excited to lead the progression of the ‘Ripe & Ready’ mango program in the U.S. Europe has been Processing mangos for about 10 years now with great success. Our initial results show that the consumer has an extraordinary eating experience and this can be verified when our retailer reports that their sales have doubled.  Our next opportunity for this program is food service, where we see huge potential for a consistently ripe product.”

Here are some Bullet Points of our Ripe and Ready Mango Program:

  • Vision Produce Company is now offering ripe and ready mangoes following the protocol established by the National Mango Board (NMB)
  • We are delivering to multiple customers in the Phoenix area with one retailer experiencing a 60% increase in sales.
  • Mirroring the banana and avocado categories, mangos are the next item we feel can benefit immensely from a ripe and ready program
  • Mangos are being ripened locally to guarantee freshness and the optimal eating experience for the customer.
  • “Second Chance” opportunity to get back consumers that had a bad experience with un-ripe mangos in the past.