Wegmans’ VP Of Produce Talks Sustainability

Founded in 1916 as a small family grocer, Wegmans has grown into a $4.8 billion company with 75 stores spread across the mid-Atlantic. Wegmans has long worked with local growers to provide fresh, locally grown produce to its shoppers. And in 2007, the company started an organic research farm, experimenting and learning about organic produce, and sharing their findings with their network of farmers. Dave Corsi, VP of produce for Wegmans, talks about how the company helps consumers embrace better food.

Fast Company: What’s your definition of sustainable food?

Dave Corsi: Utilization of any resource to its optimum. Looking at any element at Wegmans and taking advantage of its potential, whether it’s a natural resource, energy, or food. Utilizing those to their full potential with the least amount of waste in that particular item or process.

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