Wonderful Pistachios Celebrates National Nut Day as Pistachios are the #1 Snack Nut in America1

LOS ANGELES – Happy National Nut Day! To celebrate, Wonderful® Pistachios is pleased to announce it has helped propel pistachios to become the biggest and fastest-growing snack nut category in terms of annual retail revenue followed by cashews, mixed nuts, peanuts, and almonds, according to recent Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) 52-week data. The IRI data indicates pistachios experienced a +14% change from the previous year with Wonderful Pistachios alone contributing 96% of that pistachio revenue growth.1  

In addition to its significant contributions to the overall pistachios snack nut category, Wonderful Pistachios No Shells flavors generated 85% of total flavored snack nuts category growth (+9%) this past year.2 After their initial launch with Roasted & Salted and Lightly Salted, and then subsequent flavor unveilings of Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted in 2019 and Sea Salt & Vinegar and BBQ in March of this year, Wonderful Pistachios has seen record weekly growth, further solidifying consumer demand for healthy and high-quality snacks. 

“We’re so excited to see Wonderful Pistachios as the leading snack nut brand in America, and we’re doubling down to continue this momentum,” shared Adam Cooper, senior vice president, The Wonderful Company. “Consumers are investing more in premium, healthier snacks, so we’re investing more in the category with a multi-million-dollar integrated marketing campaign.”  

To celebrate this monumental moment for pistachios and National Nut Day, Wonderful Pistachios launched a giveaway on Instagram. On October 22 from 12:01 a.m. PST until 11:59 p.m. PST, any Instagram user who both follows @wonderfulpistachios and comments on its National Nut Day post with their favorite flavor of Wonderful Pistachios In-Shell or No Shells variety will be automatically entered to win. Twenty-two winners will be selected at random and receive a complimentary package of their favorite Wonderful Pistachios variety along with one bag of each of the four Wonderful Pistachios No Shells flavors of Sea Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted. 

“As we look ahead, our priorities are to continue the plant protein conversation, focus on pistachios as a better-for-you snack, especially throughout football season as a key snacking occasion, highlight the diverse In-Shell and No Shells flavors, and ensure availability of our product to retailers and consumers,” said Cooper. “We are supporting all of this with a fully integrated marketing strategy that includes our popular No Shells campaign, featuring Sheldon the turtle, returning to TV in addition to our ‘Greener Source’ plant protein TV campaign, digital and social media, FSIs, PR and in-store POS.” 

Wonderful Pistachios Successes Tapped into Today’s Consumer Trends 

As consumers seek healthier snack options, pistachios are a smart snack option, known for plant protein power, fiber, and better-for-you unsaturated fats – a combination that may help keep people feeling fuller longer. With 47% of consumer snacking three or more times per day3, consumers can choose which Wonderful Pistachios products work best for their snacking occasion.  

“After being stuck at home for so long people demanded more variety and availability from their favorite premium snacks, and so we’ve made decisive efforts to tackle just that,” adds Cooper. 

New Flavors Created New Interest: Not only is Wonderful Pistachios a nutritious snack choice, but it’s also a flavorful one with many In-Shell and No Shells flavor varieties to choose from. Wonderful Pistachios No Shells was named one of America’s fastest-growing snack brands according to IRI. Since launching its award-winning BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavored No Shells in March 2021, Wonderful Pistachios has seen record growth, confirming that consumer demand dictates the need for flavorful varieties. The No Shells flavors joined an existing In-Shell flavor lineup that includes Salt & Pepper and Sweet Chili. 

Caution Caused Pantry Loading: It’s no secret that consumers have pantry-loaded and stocked-up with larger sizes over the last year. As a result of this, Wonderful Pistachios’ larger sized bag sales are up 27%2. Ensuring product is available to consumers when they want it and in the pack-size they want is incredibly important.  

Plant Protein Conversation Growth: The plant protein trend also continues to grow as Mintel data confirms 75% of people are adding more protein to their diet and choosing to eat less meat. Pistachios are the only snack nut which provide a good source of protein, offering 12% of the recommended daily protein value per 28 gram serving (1 oz). To be considered a good source of protein, the percentage daily value must be over 10%. Plant protein continues to be a mainstay in Wonderful Pistachios marketing communication. Wonderful Pistachios’ plant protein campaign includes TV, social media, and in-store POS bins that increase consumer awareness that pistachios are a good source of plant protein. 

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1. IRI MULOC 52 weeks ending 9/19/2021, Total snack nut revenue sales 

2. IRI MULOC 52 weeks ending 8/29/2021, $ Sales Growth vs. a year ago 

3. IRI State of the Snack Industry, Snacking Survey April 2019 

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