WV Ramp Grower Looks to Pass Aromatic Empire on to Successor

RICHWOOD — Glen Facemire, owner of what may be the world’s only ramp farm and West Virginia’s top promoter, educator and product developer of the aromatic, early spring herb, is planning to hang up his ramp hoe.

“I will be passing my ramp farm business on to someone else, hopefully a person or a couple who really have their hearts in it,” said Facemire, now in his mid-70s.

Facemire’s G-N Ramp Farm, a 71-acre patch of woodland that clings to a hillside overlooking the South Fork of Cherry River on the edge of Richwood, took shape after he retired from his job as a U.S. Postal Service letter carrier in Charleston. The “N” in G-N Ramp Farm stands for Norene, his wife and a fellow ramp fan, who handled the ramp farm’s business chores prior to her death two years ago.

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