Yerecic Label Examines New Consumer Research: The Millennial Produce Buyer

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – Shoppers most susceptible to impulse purchases are Millennials at 64 percent compared to all consumers at 57 percent, according to recent research conducted on Millennial produce buyers. The data is part of The Power of Produce 2015 research study; published by Food Marketing Institute, conducted by 210 Analytics, LLC and made possible by Yerecic Label.

“Produce means business to the food retail community,” said FMI Vice President of Fresh Foods, Rick Stein. “The Power of Produce explores behavior and demographic trends that are paramount for fresh executives, especially how Millennials are influencing the perimeter of the store.”

Through The Power of Produce data, Yerecic Label noted that the consumption and purchase habits of Millennials vary greatly from other generations. For example, Millennials crave recipes, new items and suggestions by produce staff as a part of the in-store experience.

“We are continuously looking for ways to interact with consumers to learn what our clients can do to engage the shopper,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Rich Thoma. “As Millennials will shortly become the largest buying power in North America, resonating with these shoppers is on the top of everyone’s mind.”

The Millennial generation looks at produce differently in every aspect from pre-trip planning, in-store experiences and top decision making needs. The Millennial consumer is less concerned with produce appearance and seasonality, but more by preparation time required, habit and product information.

“Double digit differences in data by demographics always catch your eye,” said Yerecic Label President Art Yerecic. “While the Boomers are the solidifiers of the produce business, the Millennials are driving new growth through high interest in organic, value-added and smoothies amongst other things. This shows connecting with this generation is crucial to continued health and growth of the produce category.”

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The Power of Produce was published by Food Marketing Institute, conducted by 210 Analytics, LLC, sponsored by Yerecic Label and released at FMI Connect 2015. The Millennial Produce Buyer research materials distributed by Yerecic Label utilize information and data from The Power of Produce 2015 to take a deeper dive into Millennial shopper needs.

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