Yerecic Label Honored With Industry Print Awards

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – During LabelExpo held in September 2016, Yerecic Label was honored with two first place awards from Flint Group for print excellence. Shortly after at the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute’s (TLMI) Annual Meeting in October, Yerecic Label was honored with two first place category winners and one Best in Class award.

“We are honored to be recognized for print quality by both the Flint Group and TLMI,” said Yerecic Label President Art Yerecic. “Recognition like this inspires and motivates the Yerecic Label family to continue to grow and achieve excellence.”

The two labels recognized by the Flint Group’s 12th Annual Narrow Web Print Awards showcase not only Yerecic’s print quality, but knowledge of the industries that they service. The first winner, the Eat Chicken National Chicken Month label, uses cross-promotion to help encourage impulse meal planning purchases at retailer stores.

“The design of the label perfectly complemented our objective to bring Suddenly Salad and chicken together to the center of the plate, and the quality of the final graphics really made the labels pop,” said Ashley Wright of General Mills. “I even had people taking pictures of the labels in-store and sending them to me because they were so excited.”

The second label recognized by the Flint Group was a Mint Mojito FlagTag! label printed for North Shore Living Herbs’ promotion of their new potted herb line.

“The premium print quality we achieved on our recipe tags with Yerecic Label really allowed our finished recipe to pop on shelf,” said North Shore Living Herbs Director of Marketing Micki Dirtzu. “Our vision of capturing summer entertaining with fresh ingredients that consumers are looking for through offering a refreshing Mint

Mojito recipe on our potted North Shore Living Herbs® Mint was a success.”

Shortly after at the TLMI Annual Meeting, two additional labels were recognized for print excellence as part of the TLMI Annual Awards Competition. The TLMI Awards focus on innovation, technical achievement and print quality. All entrants are confidential and judged by a panel of knowledgeable and impartial experts from label industry suppliers.

The Pub Burger label printed for National Beef was awarded first place for the Flexographic Process Prime category and also Best In Class for the Flexography and Letterpress category. The label will be entered into the World Label Awards Competition and published globally in industry magazines.

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