Yerecic Label President Honored With Converter Of The Year Award

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – Art Yerecic, Yerecic Label President, was honored with the Converter of the Year award at the 2014 Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute  (TLMI) Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 14th. 

“Much of Yerecic Label’s success can be attributed to the industries we serve,” said President Art Yerecic. “Our concentration on the perishables industries keeps us focused on constantly learning about our customer’s customer and how to create effective labels for them.”

In order to better understand consumer wants and needs, Yerecic Label actively participates in original consumer research for the retail perishable industries. The research helps drive sales for Yerecic Label customers by utilizing key findings in their label designs.

"It's important for us to have an outward focus and always be looking at trends affecting consumers. The deep involvement with the industries we service and our customers is a real advantage for us,” said Yerecic Label VP of Sales and Marketing Rich Thoma.

Another piece that made Yerecic Label the company it is today is Art Yerecic’s focus on implementing Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement principles. Yerecic Label recognized the continually changing environment of the perishables industry with unexpected demand and yield, and the short-lead times this can cause. By applying lean principles, Yerecic Label created a cellular production and office environment that meets the needs of the perishables supply chain.

“If you’re not three days ahead, you’re already behind,” said Yerecic Label’s VP of Production, Brian Hurst, in the company’s recently released video tour.

In addition to the Converter of the Year honor, Yerecic Label also received TLMI's Environmental Leadership award due to the company's achievements in TLMI's L.I.F.E. program.  Yerecic Label was also honored with a Print Award from the Flint Group's international label print quality competition at Labelexpo 2014 in Chicago.  The Flint Group's award was given for Outstanding Print Quality in Water-based Specialty Print.

Yerecic Label joined TLMI in 2001, where Art introduced Lean Manufacturing to the industry. Art served for ten years on the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute Board of Directors contributing to the growth and education of the label industry.

About Yerecic Label

Yerecic Label is located in the Westmoreland Business and Research Park in New Kensington, PA in a facility designed for cellular lean manufacturing.  With our Esko Graphics HD and DuPont FAST pre-press/plate system delivering magazine quality images, the possibilities of what Yerecic Label can help you accomplish are endless. To learn more, visit

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