Yuma, Arizona Community Puts Out Welcome Mat (And Tacos!) For Farm Workers

YUMA ARIZONA- It's Taco Tuesday in Yuma! The Labor of Love program, created by the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association in Yuma, Arizona, celebrates and surprises farm workers with breakfast and random acts of kindness.  The program started in Yuma in the Fall of 2015 and followed farm workers to the Salinas, CA area this past summer but will now return to Yuma this Tuesday, October 4, 2016, as thousands of workers return to the Yuma fields.

October 4th was chosen for a fitting reason. "We have surprised hundreds of workers in the Yuma fields with burritos and tacos from Mr. G's and Chile Pepper in Yuma so we felt it fitting to welcome the program back on National Taco Day," stated YFVA President Steve Alameda.

Labor of Love has formed a partnership with the Gutierrez Family restaurants (Mr. G's and Chile Pepper) as part of National Taco Day. "My father used to make homemade corn tortillas and deliver them to the farm workers at 4am in the 1950's. We have great respect for farm workers and the value they have in our community and to the agriculture industry. We are humbled to be a part of a program that celebrates them and shines a light on their stories," said Mary Lou Huff. "Our restaurant family knows that my parents created a legacy of giving and we are proud to continue it today."

Mr. G's and Chile Pepper are offering  "Buy a dozen, give a dozen" promotion starting on National Taco Day (10/4/16) and continuing through the month of October. "For every dozen tacos ordered, we are donating a dozen tacos to the Labor of Love program," explained General Manager Bibiana Ibarra. In addition, customers are asked to fill out a card offering their own personal message of gratitude that the Labor of Love program will deliver to the farm workers with their tacos. The cards can be found on the counters at Mr. G's and Chile Pepper. 

The Labor of Love program field visits and "random acts of kindness" are captured via video and photos and shared on the Labor of Love Yuma Facebook page. The Facebook posts have reached thousands of consumers who have enjoyed watching the program in action and learning who the workers are. One recent post reached over 200,000 people across the country.

The Labor of Love will surprise a group of farm workers with Foothill Packing on October 4th with a warm welcome from the Yuma community and a basket full of presents including 1/2 dozen tacos from Chile Pepper;  gift cards from Sports Clips, Mostly Muffins, McDonalds, and Marshalls as well as a package of socks, food from Fruit Growers's Supply and sweet treats. They will also receive a ticket for raffle prizes and some of the workers will win prizes from Penny's Diner, Mostly Muffins and gift cards to grocery stores.

For more information on the Labor of Love program, please visit www.laborofloveyuma.com or contact Limelight Creative Group at 928-246-9255.

Source: Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association