Zing! Super Sweet Shepherds Are On Point

Leamington, ON – Bell Peppers seem to be the star of the pepper section of the produce aisle, but Zing! Healthy Foods is wanting to change that.  As an award-winning boutique grower of sweet and hot peppers Zing! Healthy Foods has a great line up of specialty peppers in both categories, but the highlight of the specialties is the Super Sweet Shepherd.

“The Super Sweet Shepherd is a very sweet, long, pointed pepper,” says Jordan Kniaziew, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Zing! Healthy Foods.  “It’s sweeter than a bell pepper, with so much flavour and a crunchy texture.  It’s perfect for grilling on the barbecue this time of year.”

In fact, the grill enhances the sweet flavour of the Super Sweet Shepherd and the structure of the pepper makes it easier to grill than a bell pepper.

“Retailers have an opportunity to give their customers more of a selection when it comes to the pepper category,” Jordan adds.  “These peppers are one of the most popular peppers in Europe because of the high level of sweetness.  We see North Americans following this same trend and we have answered the demand for a sweeter pepper with the Super Sweet Shepherd.  When the consumer picks them up once, they will definitely be a repeat customer.”

About Zing! Healthy Foods™

Zing! Healthy Foods is brought to you by Orangeline Farms, an award-winning, boutique grower of specialty greenhouse products. The family-oriented business operates year-round in Leamington, Ontario. They are committed to promoting active living and delivering healthy, nutritious produce to our communities.

Source: Zing! Healthy Foods™