AG Ferrari Foods Hires New CEO, Plans To Expand

Hoping to revitalize its brand, A.G. Ferrari Foods hired a new CEO — Jarett Peppard — and is making other changes as it prepares to move into its recently acquired Alameda headquarters next month.

Peppard, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who has more than 20 years experience in the grocery industry, will take over as CEO of the 95-year-old company, which sells prepared foods, sandwiches, artisan cheeses, specialty groceries, wine and authentic Italian products. Recently, Peppard led the strategic development and planning for Safeway’s (NYSE: SWY) bakery, deli and prepared foods departments nationwide and helped to revive San Francisco brand Just Desserts.

“As we are working today to define exactly how to position A.G. for success in the future, I have sort of a timeline in mind for a vision,” Peppard said. “We want to have a successful business in four years” — in time for the company’s 100th birthday.

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