All Areas of US Realize Double-Digit Growth in Case Shipments of Plant-Based Proteins to Foodservice Operators

CHICAGO – Case shipments of plant-based protein from broadline foodservice distributors to foodservice operators increased by 20 percent in the year ending November 2018 compared to year ago with all Census regions showing double-digit growth, reports The NPD Group. The West Census Region represents the most planted-based volume and case shipment growth followed closely by the South Census region, according to NPD’s SupplyTrack®.

About a quarter of the U.S. population, many of whom aren’t vegan or vegetarian, say that they eat and drink plant-based beverages and foods as well as animal protein on a regular basis. Among the reasons why plant-based proteins have mainstreamed is that consumers, in addition to adding protein to their diets, perceive them as being a “better-for-you” option. There are also plant-based fans who have concerns around animal welfare and they want to know how products are brought to market. These consumers have the belief that plant-based protein provides “clean meat” and eliminates many of these barriers.

Burgers represent the largest plant-based foodservice category and have year-over-year double-digit growth in pounds shipped to foodservice operators, and it’s plant-based burgers that are showing up the most on many restaurant menus. Although plant-based burgers are popular across demographics, an analysis done with NPD’s receipt mining service, Checkout, shows that smaller, more affluent ($100,00 and up) households are the top buyers of plant-based burgers*.    

“Plant-based proteins are no longer just a meat replacement, it’s now its own category,” says David Portalatin, NPD food industry advisor and author of Eating Patterns in America. “It’s possible that protein overall is evolving into a category, whether animal meat, beans, nuts, soy, wild game or other proteins, in forms ranging from beverage to center-of-plate.”

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*Based on a sample of chains offering branded plant-based burgers