Alto-Shaam Expands Product Accessory Offering With New Solutions

Alto-Shaam, a global leader and innovator in the foodservice equipment industry, has further added to its suite of product accessories with the launch of new water treatment and cleaning solutions to help operators further reduce labor costs.  

Its new reverse osmosis systems, available in three different sizes, extend product lifetimes and protect oven investment. They can be integrated with Alto-Shaam Combitherm® ovens, as the preferred solution for treating water that contains sediments, chlorides, minerals and other total dissolved solids (TDS), as well as removing chlorine and other corrosives to help minimise water-related diseases.

Designed for use in liquid injection self-cleaning ovens, Alto-Shaam has launched a new high-strength cleaner which is designed to cut through grease, fats and other cooking debris. Paired with the automatic self-cleaning feature on its Combitherm® and self-cleaning rotisserie ovens, the cleaner eliminates the high labor costs associated with manual cleaning.

For ovens without a self-cleaning feature, a new non-caustic oven cleaner is also available. The spray on foaming cleaner, which is safe to use on all Alto-Shaam equipment, eliminates the need for labor-intensive scrubbing.

Jeff McMahon, Senior Director of Product Management at Alto-Shaam, said: “Now so, more than ever, foodservice providers and outlets are looking at ways to reduce costs. Labor, and specifically the cost and availability of labor, remains an enormous operational challenge, and manual cleaning absorbs huge amounts of staff time.

“These new product accessories have been specifically designed to help overcome this challenge and help reduce costs, as well as maintaining product lifetime and ensuring all equipment is safe to use.”

Alto-Shaam’s full suite of product accessories, including its new water treatment and cleaners, are available to order now at

About Alto-Shaam, Inc.

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