Alto-Shaam to Showcase New Innovations at NAFEM 2021

NAFEM, Orlando, Florida – Alto-Shaam, a global leader and innovator in the foodservice equipment industry, will introduce its latest innovation in the multi-cook category, Converge® ovens, at NAFEM 2021.

Pairing the power of Structured Air Technology® with controlled humidity, Converge Multi-Cook Ovens provide expanded menu potential in the smallest footprint. With up to three independent chambers in a ventless space, operators can now steam, bake, grill and air fry at the exact same time, in the same oven, without sacrificing quality. Converge also features a self-cleaning design, saving operators time and labor.

“We are looking forward to giving our customers an engaging, in-person experience with Converge and our many other new products at NAFEM,” said Jeff McMahon, senior director of product management at Alto-Shaam. “Converge is unlike anything that has come before in the industry, allowing operators to achieve more with one piece of equipment.”

Converge is one of several product innovations that Alto-Shaam will showcase during NAFEM. Further adding to its award-winning series of multi-cook ovens, Alto-Shaam will also launch a new Vector H series oven with wider chambers. Featuring its pioneering Structured Air Technology, the ovens can cook twice as much food up to two-times faster than their traditional counterparts. The patented technology enables high velocity, focused heat for faster, more even cooking, ensuring the highest quality output. The new wide ovens are designed to cook a variety of food items, including 16-inch pizzas.

Paired perfectly with its cooking solutions, Alto-Shaam will also launch its new Heated Shelf Merchandisers featuring top heat, allowing operators to hold food for even longer without compromising food quality. The new layer of top heat paired with Halo Heat® technology provides the highest quality extended holding of the most delicate food items, including sandwiches, pastries and burritos.

There will also be a show debut for Alto-Shaam’s new Cook & Hold Ovens, smoker ovens and Ventech™ hoods, launched during lockdown. The upgraded Cook & Hold and Smoker Ovens deliver enhanced food quality and higher yields with Halo Heat® technology—and feature a new design and advanced user-friendly controls which make them easy to operate.

Ventech Condensation Hoods, designed for Combitherm® ovens, eliminate the need for traditional kitchen hoods – maximizing floor space and improving efficiency and workflow. Powered by innovative condensation technology, Ventech hoods condense steam while capturing and removing grease-laden air, vapors and lingering smoke.

Interactive Demos and Displays

Live cooking demonstrations will take place throughout the show. Alto-Shaam chefs will demonstrate complete equipment solutions that solve a number of operator challenges, including labor, space, quality and consistency.

In addition to Alto-Shaam’s culinary team, nationally renowned guest chefs will also be cooking live. Charlie the Butcher will prepare and serve his famous “Beef on Weck” sandwiches while Beat Bobby Flay contestant and winner, Chefs Ricardo and Rosana, will also be cooking various menu items from their Tampa ghost kitchen, Virtual Chef Hall.

The Alto-Shaam booth will be fully interactive, with a section dedicated to ChefLinc™, its cloud-based remote oven management system. Visitors will be able to view the real-time status of ovens throughout the booth and experience the simplicity of pushing and pulling information to and from the ovens.

“Over the course of the last year, our focus on quality and innovation has enabled us to develop all of these new product solutions,” McMahon said. “Visitors will have a truly unforgettable experience full of live cooking demos, guest chefs and exciting new technologies.”

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