Capango Joins National Restaurant Association Marketplace

ASHBURN, Va. — Capango Incthe mobile first platform for connecting talent in retail and restaurants announced today that the company has joined the National Restaurant Association Marketplace, providing members discounted recruiting as they expand hiring efforts to fully reopen after a very tough 2020.  With a social-feel mobile app designed specifically for the needs of restaurant and retail industries, Capango is simplifying the recruiting experience. Workers can go from downloading the app to seeing work opportunities in their area in minutes.  

“Recruiting has always been a challenge in the restaurant industry and providing our members discounted access to platforms like Capango, which are purpose built for our needs is a game changer,” said Clinton Wolf, Senior Vice President, National Restaurant Association. “Through our Member Marketplace we are providing these and other discounted offerings to our members as an important part of our mission to support the industry.”

Over the past year the restaurant and hospitality industry has suffered due to limited in-house dining and regional lockdowns, impacting thousands of restaurant operators.  While the unemployment rate in the industry has improved from a historical high of 14.8% in April 2020, to the current level of 6.3%, it is still higher than at any time in the past six years. Employers are competing for talent and everything they do must reflect their desire to identify job seekers that will be successful in the opportunity offered.  

“Capango focused on building a platform to assist hourly workers who are looking for positions that matched their experience and skills. Our focus was to build a mobile first app that simplified the applicant experience while providing employers in the retail and restaurant industry with more information to make improved hiring decisions,” said Stefan Midford, President and Founder of Capango. “We need to engage with candidates on the mobile devices they use every day and provide an experience that more closely matches social engagement apps they are familiar with.”      

Capango was built to allow job seekers to quickly find local restaurant and retail job opportunities in a simple mobile friendly app.  No resume is required and Capango will automatically create one for every candidate. The seeker simply answers a few questions, and they are presented with a matched list of employers. They can then swipe right to match and express their interest to work with an employer.  

About Capango

Capango, Inc. has reinvented retail and restaurant recruiting with a platform that instantly connects qualified job seekers to rewarding opportunities.  Using a proprietary scoring algorithm and a dating app-like interface, recruiters and job seekers benefit from a mobile first interactive experience.  Speed to hire is reduced with integrated chat, video interviewing and candidate management. For employers, this means direct access to qualified, passionate workers, making hiring fast and cost-effective. To learn more about Capango, visit and follow us on Twitter & Instagram @CapangoLife.