Cholula and simplehuman Unveil World’s First Hands-Free Hot Sauce Dispenser

STAMFORD, Conn. — Cult-favorite hot sauce Cholula has teamed up with simplehuman, the pioneer in intuitively touch-free smart home products, to introduce the world’s first hands-free hot sauce dispenser. The two forward-thinking brands have fueled a first-of-its-kind innovation designed primarily for the foodservice industry now faced with new safety standard regulations amid the pandemic. The resulting Cholula x simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser functions to provide foodservice operators and diners alike with a safe and sanitary way to access the iconic Cholula Hot Sauce Original flavor with just the hover of a hand to deliver the preferred amount of heat to any dish. 

“When restaurant operators began removing Cholula bottles from tabletops amid the pandemic, we needed to develop a solution that could adapt to their new environment,” said Maura Mottolese, CEO, The Cholula Food Company. “The collaboration between simplehuman and Cholula combines the best in technology and taste to revolutionize the condiment station to meet the needs of the customer and the foodservice industry in the ever-changing landscape that is 2020.”

Strategically designed with contactless functionality in mind, hands-free has truly never been so hot. For those who need flavor on tap, the Cholula x simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser is engineered for maximum convenience. Foodservice customers will enjoy their Cholula Original Hot Sauce with the efficiency of simplehuman touch-free technology, delivering single-servings in ramekins of any size. Plus, precision pumping technology transfers the perfectly consistent drip every time, making it the sauce bot of your dreams!

“At simplehuman, touch-free dispensing is a core technology we have been refining since the introduction of our sensor pumps. When Cholula approached us to develop a touch free hot sauce dispenser, we were excited because we love Cholula Hot Sauce,” said Frank Yang, CEO, simplehuman.  “In addition, the challenge of applying our technology into a new medium and in a new environment sounded fun! True to our obsession for user experience perfection, we developed a valve to reduce hot sauce splatter and a completely new upward facing sensor interface to make it more intuitive for users in the restaurant environment. We hope customers will love the experience and enjoy more Cholula Hot Sauce!” 

A Contactless Holiday Experience
Cholula diehard consumers will have a rare opportunity to purchase a limited number of Cholula x simplehuman Touch-Free Dispensers, the essential gift for contactless holiday meals, starting December 1, 2020 at Optimized for the best saucing experience, the flash sale promotion, priced at $130, includes a Cholula x simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser PLUS a half-gallon jug of Cholula Original and free shipping. 100% of Flash Sale proceeds will benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), a nonprofit formed by notable chefs like Tom Colicchio to save independent restaurants affected by COVID-19.

To learn more about the Cholula x simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser, please visit

Cholula Hot Sauce’s unmatched flavor is created from a family recipe that has been handed down through many generations, blending native arbol and piquin peppers with an array of regional spices. The iconic wooden cap represents the true commitment to craftsmanship behind every product. In addition to the Original recipe, the product line includes five additional varieties – Chipotle, Green Pepper, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime and Sweet Habanero, which can be found at retail and in food service establishments nationwide. For more information about Cholula Hot Sauce, check out

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