Choosing California Cling Peaches Means Choosing Added Value for Foodservice

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In today’s economy, the foodservice industry operates like most others: purchasing decisions come down to choosing what’s available at the lowest price. Product origin rarely factors into the decision, despite strong consumer preference for USA-origin foods like canned California Cling Peaches.

Many foodservice directors are unaware of the origin of their canned peaches and are often surprised to learn that they come from international sources.

“This is why we encourage foodservice purchasing directors to ask their suppliers to identify the origin of their products,” said Chris Zanobini, Executive Director of the California Cling Peach Board. “If you’re in foodservice, you have a choice. By choosing canned California Cling Peaches, you’re adding value to your operation that goes far beyond price.”

Much of that value is realized by foodservice operators simply giving guests what they want. Today’s consumers want safe, high-quality fruit, and California Cling Peaches are exactly that. All California Cling Peaches are carefully harvested and canned under the strictest food safety regulations in the world for quality, consistency and safety that are assured throughout the supply chain.

People also want to know that their fruit is grown responsibly, and California Cling peach growers proudly stand behind every can, jar and single-serve cup. Not only are California growers in complete USDA program compliance, but they lead the nation in reducing environmental impacts while providing their workers with the highest farm wages in the U.S.

Still more value stems from affirming consumers’ passionate support of farm families and their USA-grown produce. California Cling Peaches have been grown for over four generations on small family farms, by farmers who take great pride in producing the world’s most nutritious and best-tasting Cling peaches.

“The bottom line: you have a choice in where your food comes from,” said Mr. Zanobini. “Talk to your supplier and ask for California Cling Peaches. Your customers – and your bottom line – will thank you.”

About the California Cling Peach Board
Founded in 1996, the California Cling Peach Board is a California State Marketing Order, issued in furtherance of the desire of California’s Cling peach growers to create an environment that enhances the use of cling peaches through promotion, advertising, consumer education, production and marketing research, establishment of grades and standards, and compilation of industry statistics. California Cling Peaches are picked, packed and shipped at their peak of ripeness and available from your grocer year-round in cans, single-serve cups, and jars.