Consumers Are Weary. Foodservice Retail Programs Can Help.

As Americans brace for a challenging winter and once again spend more time at home, fatigue is setting in – and it isn’t just about the virus. Remember those early days of quarantine, when people were sharing photos of homemade breads, whipped coffees and hand-rolled pasta? You’re not seeing those as often since the thrill of cooking from scratch has faded.

This comes at a time when holiday cookie season is normally ramping up and families would be doling out assignments for celebratory feasts. If there is less enthusiasm about cooking meals at home for different dayparts on multiple days of the week, there is also a somewhat dampened outlook for traditional holiday repasts and treats.

Food retailers can come to the rescue – as they have throughout this year’s pandemic – with solutions. In addition to being a resource for household staples and health and wellness products, retailers can provide ready-to-cook, ready-to-prepare and ready-to-eat offerings that make meals easier. Now is a good time to (once again) adapt and promote foodservice at retail programs as a solution for cooking fatigue and a different kind of holiday season.

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