Corporate Chefs Announces Sustainability and Wellness Focused Rebrand

WOBURN, Mass. – Corporate Chefs announced today a new brand identity that reflects the company’s evolution into a new future. Founded nearly 35 years ago, Corporate Chefs has grown as an industry leader in on-site professional dining solutions and end-to-end foodservice management for companies and business complexes nationwide. Corporate Chefs marries innovative and out-of-the-box foodservice offerings with standardized operating practices that prioritize what’s best for guests, employees, the communities that Corporate Chefs is a part of, and the planet. As part of its commitment to health and wellness, and in response to changing workplace demands, Corporate Chefs is reimagining its services to reinvigorate traditional corporate dining.

As workplace habits and demands have changed dramatically over the last two years, new opportunities have risen to create unique culinary touchpoints where they did not exist before. With an array of dining concepts, Corporate Chefs gives its clients abundant options to satisfy hungry employees with fresh, seasonal and artisanal ingredients in a beautiful setting. In addition to business cafés, pantries, markets and vending spaces, it also offers unique community engagements and pop-up initiatives to meet the individual needs of any facility with an entrepreneurial flair. These culinary experiences have proven to be a highlight of any office environment and a winning solution to fostering productive team relationships.

“People converse, build relationships and make decisions best when they’re together. We are proud to create a space for employees to convene and collaborative over food,” said Corporate Chefs Said Elkhodary, senior vice president. “We are excited about curating these touchpoints by helping to influence making smarter choices, supporting local partners and taking a proactive approach towards sustainable habits in all of our eateries.”

As wellness and personal responsibility for the planet become increasingly important for individuals and businesses alike, Corporate Chefs has integrated responsible sourcing, seasonal menu planning, waste reduction programs and well-being education into everyday practices. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, each day in America, approximately one pound of food is wasted per person, equating to 30–40 percent of the total food supply. Corporate Chefs’ “Waste Nothing” approach helps teams become aware of the food waste they produce and then work to reduce, rescue and redirect it from the landfill. Other newly enhanced sustainability initiatives from the company include:

  • BeWell: The BeWell wellness experience platform and recipes offer an evidence-based, nudging approach that helps guests achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Taking care of Corporate Chefs’ team members and those they serve means encouraging healthy minds and bodies. Corporate Chefs teams share valuable wellness and nutrition expertise alongside menus with wholesome foods to support everyone’s health and well-being. BeWell menu offerings are reasonably sized, free of trans fats, low in sodium and use minimally processed ingredients.
  • SoGood!: The SoGood! program promotes seasonal foods that guests can feel good about. This simple promotional program has a foundation of delicious seasonal ingredients and offers flexible ways to engage and inform guests about how the foods they’re eating helps to support their wellness and our environment.
  • Resource Conservation: Reducing harmful food waste and carbon emissions is not an option, it is an absolute. The Corporate Chefs team continues to do better every day through well-informed kitchen practices, food recovery programs, overall resource conservation and a focus on renewable energy sources. In addition to kitchen composting, Corporate Chefs proudly partners with clients to offer and promote post-consumer composting within their facilities wherever possible.

Sustainability and wellness go hand in hand, and Corporate Chefs’ BeWell platform brings nutritious foods to the table in a way that makes the healthy choice the easy choice. To show love for local partners and to reduce carbon footprint emissions, Corporate Chefs has relationships with local farms and vendors in every market where the company operates.

Beginning in 2023, a newly formed partnership between Elior North America and the Humane Society of the United States will also bring more focus on plant-based recipes, offering a variety of new sustainable and healthy options for guests and clients.

“Healthy food options should not be limited to a salad and a bottle of water. Instead, we are reimagining crave-worthy favorites paired with fruit-infused spa waters to reinvigorate our guests,” said Corporate Chefs marketing director Alicia Farrow. “As Corporate Chefs continues to grow in a rapidly changing environment, our company is committed to revamping traditional corporate foodservice, improving guest experiences and working with our clients towards shared wellness and sustainability goals.” new Corporate Chefs website launches today and can be found here.


For the past three and a half decades, Corporate Chefs has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional foodservice and catering experiences. We specialize in using the freshest, in-season ingredients to craft personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client and facility.

At Corporate Chefs, we are driven by our passion for creativity and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our entrepreneurial spirit inspires us to approach every project with excitement, continuously pushing the boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations, supporting our clients with their health, wellness, and sustainability goals.