Crisp Announces Series B Funding Round

We’ve raised $35M to scale Crisp’s unified collaboration platform and enable data sharing across the entire supply chain.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be at Crisp. Dag and I founded the company with a single goal: connect all players in the food retail industry with access to a real-time, single source of truth. We saw that the food supply chain suffered from a lack of transparency and collaboration that led to inefficiency and waste, but we also saw the opportunity for technology to make the supply chain more agile and resilient. We had no idea just how much more pressing the issue would become.

When the pandemic hit, it exposed longstanding weaknesses in the complex global supply chain and impacted every aspect of the retail industry. And as customer buying behaviors continue to evolve, the need for agile supply chains has never been greater. Crisp is poised to take on that challenge by building the first open-data programmatic commerce platform for the consumer goods industry.

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