Daymon Worldwide To Provide Thought Leadership At Retail Events

CLEVELAND, OH–(February 7, 2011) – Daymon Worldwide, the world's leading Private Brands and Consumer Events expert, will provide thought leadership on several topics at ECRM's Private Brand Foods and Meal Solutions EPPS® events, taking place in Dallas, Texas, the week of April 10, 2011. The Private Brands Food segment will focus on store consumable grocery, snacks, beverages, dairy and frozen, while the Meal Solutions segment will focus upon meat, poultry, seafood, deli, prepared foods, bakery & produce.

Daymon's global resources, including Daymon Interactions and Daymon Worldwide Design, will provide rich timely general sessions on the following topics:

Global Thought Leadership Fostering Change
Innovations in Product, Packaging and Process
Meal Solutions — Looking Over the Horizon
Driving Strategic Partnerships
Communicating with the Changing Consumer; the Impact of Social Media
A Glimpse into the New Food Safety Landscape
Through these programs, retailer participants will gain insights into product and packaging innovation; turnkey solutions; best in class merchandising; marketing and design insights; and quality assurance and WIC applications. Daymon will also moderate roundtable discussions on various topics. There will also be a comprehensive review of the tremendous opportunities for retailers across all channels to provide their customers with Meal solutions in a significantly more powerful way.

This event will provide retailers with the opportunity to meet with all suppliers in private display rooms. Schedules are preset according to category responsibility and focused upon presentation and review of new lines, new items and promotions. Meetings are supported by ECRM's MarketGate software which enables retailers to scan items of interest and note pertinent follow ups on iPads or tablet computers provided by ECRM. Buyers and suppliers have access to secured follow up site where they can review notes and sections, automatically download product images and data into the retailer's custom item forms.

"Through this unique event, we will showcase Daymon's integrated strategy, progressive sourcing capabilities, innovative product development, marketing and design expertise in a focused and targeted way," says Renee Barch-Niles, Daymon VP Business Development Team. "We anticipate great representation from existing Daymon suppliers as well as prospective new sources. Through this event, we are setting the stage for future Private Brand interactions with suppliers and customers to build great programs and develop new opportunities."

"We look forward to Daymon's participation to provide our attendees additional value and insights," said Ed Reilly, Vice President of Grocery, ECRM, "Daymon's knowledge of the private label industry will give our clients a thorough understanding of how they can improve their current private label sales or purchasing processes."

Source: Daymon Worldwide