Disaster Relief Playbook Teaches Shared Kitchens How to Feed Thousands Using Donated Food During COVID-19

SAN DIEGO – PIVOTING a commercial kitchen to feed thousands of elderly, immunocompromised, and other at-risk individuals, largely with donated food, is no small task. One commercial kitchen, the OKC, wanted to share every step of their process so organizations around the country can create an impact in their local communities.

The Disaster Relief Playbook for Shared and Commercial Kitchens, created in partnership with Galley Solutions and The Food Corridor, guides kitchen operators through the challenges of launching a not-for-profit food distribution operation. Some insights include:

  • Who to ask for food, supplies, and labor donations
  • Food safety and prep in the era of COVID-19
  • How to seek emergency relief funding from governments and organizations
  • Distribution methods for getting food to the people who need it most

Ian Christopher, Co-Founder of Galley Solutions, explains: “We’re honored to help passionate people be a force for good in the midst of challenging situations. The OKC is proof that, when communities come together, we can solve immense problems. We hope the Disaster Relief Playbook helps other communities experience that too.”

Galley is a commercial kitchen software that helps food organizations understand the food data behind their operations to empower them to make more profitable, less wasteful decisions.