Dohmen Acquires FoodChain, an Online Marketplace and Logistics Company

MILWAUKEE — CEO Cynthia (Dohmen) LaConte announced today that Dohmen has acquired FoodChain, an online marketplace and logistics company that speeds delivery and access to nutritious, local food sources.

“Acquiring FoodChain advances our mission of revitalizing the health of communities and the people within them using the power of food,” said Dohmen Company Foundation President Dale Mittelstaedt. “FoodChain provides a digital system that speeds the process of commercial exchange between local food producers and local food purchasers. We see this capability as an important strategic element of our preventive health solution.”

“We know that the production and consumption of a fresh, healthful diet is the single most powerful intervention available to lower the skyrocketing rates of chronic disease in the United States,” said Cynthia LaConte, CEO of the Dohmen Company. “But we believe strongly that food also has the power to revitalize local economies. By keeping food production and preparation local, close to the point of consumption, we not only help our communities thrive, but we also lighten the burden on our climate. FoodChain is a great example of how new technology can support family farms and create regional self-reliance in food.”  

FoodChain co-founders Ben Winters and Jake Levitt said they’re excited to be part of the Dohmen team.  “We started FoodChain because we saw the need to improve the accuracy, efficiency and scale of commercial transactions between the producers and purchasers of fresh, local food,” said Levitt. “Joining Dohmen gave us the opportunity to have an even greater impact by leveraging their years of supply chain experience within healthcare and by collaborating with their existing portfolio of social businesses.”

About the Dohmen Company Foundation

With more than 162-years of creating equitable access to a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience, Dohmen has changed its focus from treatment to prevention—and from shareholder return to social impact. In 2019, the Dohmen Company was first in the nation to transition from a family-owned S-corporation to a company wholly-owned by a private foundation. Now, as a philanthropic enterprise, we’re on a mission to revitalize people and communities using food as the primary intervention.