Dollar General Grocery Poised To Challenge Wal-Mart

The prices on strawberries are great, same with milk. And though the bananas may be on the ripe side for some people’s taste, they’re cheaper than Publix by a significant margin. Is this a new Walmart store? Nope. A new Dollar General “Market” grocery store.

The dollar store brand that helped start the market sector of dollar stores in the first place has recently built a new prototype, full-sized grocery store in Thonotosassa, and the company is replacing other older, basic dollar stores around the Tampa region with a new prototype design, including one at 8212 N. Armenia Ave., complete with lush landscaping, bright colors, polished concrete floors and neatly organized inventory.

And if recent market studies hold, Dollar General is going to give Walmart a run for its money with shoppers who simply want the lowest prices.

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