Eataly Joins Mercato’s Digital Platform to Facilitate Delivery for the Italian Marketplace in Four U.S. Cities

SAN DIEGO — Mercato, the online grocery eCommerce platform for independently owned grocery and specialty food stores, has announced a new partnership with Eataly that will allow same day delivery of food to consumers living in and around four American cities where the renowned Italian market currently operates.

“While fewer people may be shopping in the markets themselves, Eataly continues to import and prepare an exceptional variety of high-quality Italian foods and culinary products. Mercato is thrilled to partner with this organization and to add Eataly’s offerings to our online marketplace,” said Bobby Brannigan, founder and CEO of Mercato.

Founded in 2007, Eataly operates quality Italian markets in 11 countries around the world. Eataly is well regarded for its authentically prepared Italian foods and its use of high-quality Italian and local ingredients. Eataly locations offer an expansive marketplace, restaurant and even cooking classes – the combination of which makes for an experience not found anywhere else.

“We are happy to partner up with Mercato and make all of our high-quality grocery products available to a wider customer base,” comments Raffaele Piarulli, Executive VP of Eataly North America. “During the pandemic, we have seen our grocery customer base expand. Also, thanks to the delivery business, we are thrilled to see that the interest for high quality Italian and local ingredients is ever growing!”

Mercato was started in Brooklyn, NY, in 2015 and the company currently operates in 45 states nationwide. The digital platform connects consumers to more than 1,000 independently owned grocery stores and specialty markets. Built upon a mission of supporting such stores, Mercato has been actively onboarding grocers during the COVID-19 crisis. The company, which equips independent grocers with a clean and seamless online ordering and delivery function, has added over 400 specialty food stores, grocery stores and market halls to its platform in 2020. Mercato will now be offering products for delivery from Eataly’s NYC Downtown location as well as its Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles markets.

“I grew up in New York City where my father has long run a small Italian market. He and I visited Eataly’s Flatiron location early on and were impressed with the variety and quality offered and how well it presents legitimate Italian cuisine,” added Brannigan. 

Some of Mercato’s recent platform updates, such as enabling merchants to fulfill alcohol orders, as well as significant updates to the merchant shopper app, will enhance Eataly’s ability to efficiently fulfill orders within its locations and increase digital sales of fine wines and other alcoholic beverages. 

About Eataly
Focused on providing high quality, sustainable products for all, Eataly is the largest Italian retail and dining experience in the world, transforming the way consumers experience food, beverage, and culture. At Eataly, guests have the unique opportunity to experience Italian culture through markets, counters, cafés, restaurants and educational offerings that explore the best food and beverage options Italy’s 20 regions and the world has to offer. Since Oscar Farinetti first opened Eataly Torino Italy in 2007, his philosophy has spread to 39 stores across the world, including our US flagship NYC Flatiron (2010), Chicago (2013), NYC Downtown (2016), Boston (2016), L.A. (2017), Vegas (2018), Toronto (2019), and Dallas (opening in 2020). To learn more about Eataly please visit

About Mercato
Mercato offers eCommerce and same-day delivery of high-quality groceries and specialty foods from over 1,000 independent grocery stores across the country. Bobby Brannigan, an entrepreneur who grew up working in his parent’s grocery store in Brooklyn, NY, created Mercato to level the playing field by bringing online shopping and delivery to independent grocers and their valued customers. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.