FarmLogix Launches B2C Mobile App to Drive Foodservice Innovation at Campuses, Workplaces and Hospitals Nationwide

CHICAGO — FarmLogix, the nationally-recognized provider of local and sustainable food technology solutions to institutions, has launched Aggrega8ToGo, an innovative business-to-consumer mobile app for institutional clientele to provide personalized and innovative meal service on campuses, and at workplaces, hospitals and schools. As the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many segments of the foodservice sector to close or operate at reduced capacity, FarmLogix looked to add a B2C layer on top of its award-winning Aggrega8 e-commerce platform to provide post-pandemic need and beyond, knowing that many trends established during the pandemic will be here to stay.

Large foodservice operators that include college campuses, employers, office and residential buildings, hospitals and schools, as well as distributors and restaurants, can now pivot to meet the complex and subjective needs of their customers quickly. With the vast dietary, sustainable and local foods preferences of today’s consumer in mind, Aggrega8ToGo provides a turnkey ability to provide innovative bespoke dining experiences with additional tools to meet location compliance and post-pandemic safety. FarmLogix designed Aggrega8ToGo to be customized and tailored for each user experience in 30 to 45 days dependent on scale and customization.

Aggrega8ToGo helps clients provide personalized meal service on campuses, and at workplaces, hospitals and schools.Tweet this

Each foodservice location can private-label Aggrega8ToGo with their branding, launch their own onsite pop-up restaurant or food truck program, include their own cafeteria offerings, and take online orders for pick-up or delivery. The app accepts mobile payment, meal plans and subsidized foodservice, and can be integrated with existing POS systems, making it compliant with curbside pick-up of K-12 school meals. Office buildings can also privately brand the app for tenants and employees to enjoy similar bespoke dining experiences with pick-up management from a single building location, limiting outside delivery traffic in common areas and elevators.

For restaurants, Aggrega8ToGo’s innovative functionality provides a new foodservice market entry, expands pick-up business to locations beyond their own existing brick and mortar locations, and provides a lower cost alternative to 3rd party delivery apps. Restaurants are able to brand the app for their own use to proactively promote their foodservice calendar to students and employees at participating locations and avoid the traditionally competitive existing marketplaces of other apps.

Aggrega8ToGo offers distributors a direct-to-consumer program with their own restaurant customers as pick-up locations branded for either the distributor or the restaurant customer/chain. Sample products include local farm boxes, family meat and produce boxes, meal kits and other grocery/specialty items. Pick-up slot increment and capacity management allows on-foot and neighborhood customers to set their place in line during winter months to allow them to wait in their home or cars or run other errands.

As the winter months arrive and restaurants remain limited on seating capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions, offering an expanded list of offerings can bring economic relief and a new source of revenue with multiple options for restaurants.

“Our spirit of custom, innovative technology solutions is key to being first to market and helping our customers pivot to a new normal,” said Linda Mallers, CEO and President of FarmLogix. “The FarmLogix approach of being comfortable being uncomfortable underscores our ability to guide large institutions into uncharted waters successful and confidently. Our strong relationships are built on taking leaps of faith together that bring new opportunities and revenue, and today’s environment is no exception.”

In addition to be being ranked No. 165 on the list of the 2020 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, and No. 5 in the Logistics and Transportation industry, FarmLogix is No. 1 for the category in the state of Illinois and in the city of Chicago. Its current database encompasses more than $10+ billion of industry transactional data that includes 10,000+ farms and vendors, 774 distributors across 47 states, and 85+ attributes for sustainability. FarmLogix’s programs have put over $40 Million into the Midwest economy since 2013.

About FarmLogix

FarmLogix operates a B2B platform, Open Fields, for the institutional foodservice market to meet the subjective sustainable, local and dietary food procurement goals of their multiple stakeholders through big data transactional data ingestion and machine learning/AI to automate online custom self-service analytics. The Aggrega8 companion marketplace creates and manages transparent regional supply chains with transactional impact measurement across 85+ attributes for sustainability and custom definitions of local sourcing from custom, self-service dashboards. Aggrega8ToGo, FarmLogix’s new B2C mobile app, manages innovative cafeteria alternatives with direct consumer preorder and pick-up of meals, groceries and regional specialties at work, on campus, at travel destinations, or close to home. Clients include publicly held and Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies and corporations, and universities and healthcare systems nationwide. In addition to being #165 on the Inc. 5000 in 2020, FarmLogix was Google’s EarthWeek podcast in 2018, winner of the 2017 Food To Market Challenge, and a 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards winner. FarmLogix is currently in the Top 100 for the 2020 Chicago Innovation Awards with the winners to be announced this month.

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